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Lamborghini Day in Tokyo: 2016 is the year to commemorate Lamborghini milestones


One-off Centenario with body in full carbon fiber makes its debut in Asia 

449019-kopie36 Lamborghini classic cars in exhibition at “Lamborghini Day Concours d’Elegance 2016”
Parade with more than 65 cars in the heart of Tokyo




449015-kopieAutomobili Lamborghini celebrated in with “Lamborghini Day”, commemorating the centenary of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth and the 50th anniversary of the iconic Lamborghini Miura, at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in Tokyo, . The Lamborghini Centenario, with a monocoque and body in full carbon fiber, was presented for the first time in the Asian region.



449007-kopieStefano Domenicali, Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, in Japan for the occasion, commented: ”The year 2016 will be always remembered as a memorial year to celebrate the centenary of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth and the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Miura, the father of modern super sports cars. Even today Lamborghini is in excellent shape. Record sales were achieved in the first six months of this year, due to additions in the Huracán family such as the Spyder and rear wheel-drive models. The Japanese sales performance has been very solid, helping to keep it in the top three markets worldwide, and we believe Lamborghini will see further growth in Japan.”


449016-kopieAn inaugural ”Lamborghini Day Concours d’Elegance TOKYO 2016”, also took place, with 36 historic Lamborghini models displayed in a competitive exhibition, including icons such as Miura, Countach, Diablo and many classic Lamborghini cars.There are several awards that are given, three are divided in classes for Miura, Countach and Diablo, other two are an audience award and an award for the most authentic classic Lamborghini. Furthermore, the best car of the Miura 50th anniversary year was awarded.


449023-kopieIn addition, a parade for Lamborghini owners was held in Tokyo’s main urban district, following the success of a Lamborghini parade held last year. An exciting array of over 65 cars gathered to drive through the intersection of Omotesando and Shibuya in central Tokyo, with many passers-by stopping to admire the impressive sight of the Lamborghini procession.




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