Foreword and our philosophy – Britt Heudorf

A niche in the premium segment – and we are filling it

After Magazine Exclusiv was launched in 2003, we remained true to my vision of developing a high-quality product in terms of both look and content, which both attracts readers and provides a clear benefit for advertising customers in equal measure. And, I am very proud that we celebrated our 20th anniversary last year!

I like nice things, in short: I don’t do cheap. Which is why you will only find really top editorial content and well-designed ads in our publication. Anyone who picks up the magazine should delight in great travel articles, restaurant tips and a wealth of lifestyle products promising to make our lives even more enjoyable.

Our ads start from a full page; my wish to not print an „ad cemetery“ has sometimes cost us revenue but I am
convinced that quality wins out in the long term and so far I have always been proven right.

In 2015, we launched a new, larger format designed to showcase images and advertisements even better. We want to create a luxury lifestyle product that invites you to dream. For our anniversary in 2023, we are reinventing ourselves with a completely new and modern look.

I have always felt, and still do, that it is particularly important for the magazine to provide tailored and customized luxury news with a great deal of credible information.

This editorial quality, which quickly shows the reader that he is not reading a purchased and reprinted PR text, also carries over to other parts of the magazine, in other words the ads. Our readers are not served boring advertising, they are given a philosophy of life. It is not only ad clients who enjoy this compelling added value, all the other published content reflects this too.


Britt Heudorf
Founder / Publisher

Britt Heudorf
Founder of the magazine
Member of Club europäischer Unternehmerinnen e.V.

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The birthday magazine!

20 years of Magazin Exclusiv! With a new design, new topics and lots of wonderful travel stories … (Unfortunately only in German language)


Stairway to Heaven
Weißer Strand, Palmen und badezimmerwarmes Wasser – das sind die Malediven

Erste Liga Thailands
Drei Hotels die außer Thai-Smile auch noch Luxus, Luxus und Luxus bieten

Die Besten der Besten 

  • Interviews mit Hoteltester Carsten Rath und Reisespezialist Markus Wurst
  • Auszeichnungen
  • Die Worlds best 50 Hotels und die 101 besten Hotels Deutschlands
  • Die neue Ess-Klasse – Restaurants die Sie kennen sollten

What makes a man

  • Toys for big boys – oder Gentleman Choise
  • Pflege für den schönen Mann
  • Komm doch mal runter – Anti-Stress-Tipps
  • Männersport – sind Sie bereit für was Richtiges?
  • Cars, cars cars … der beste Freund des Mannes


  • Spas sind Seelenschmeichler …
  • Winter & – unsere Tipps
  • Komm doch mal runter – Anti-Stress-Tipps
  • Die neuesten Hits der Beauty-Szene
  • Kolumne „Hotelgeflüster“ von Britt Heudorf

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A niche in the premium segment – and we are filling it

„Magazin Exclusiv“ is the special interest magazine in the German premium segment. Our reports whisk you away to the most exclusive and beautiful places on earth. By land, water or air – travel is a virus that has smitten many of us – our magazine gives you tips to ease your wanderlust.

Here you can read about unknown hideaways and hotspots that have been favourites for years. Peruse articles about airlines, for which „low-cost“ is still unheard of and where first class treatment of all passengers is simply
good taste.

Lifestyle – from jewellery to beauty to the canine column.
Our lifestyle reports cover a wide range of topics. In Magazin Exclusiv, you can find an interview about new social networks alongside an article on the cool club scene or a report about an exceptional talent in the kitchen. In other
words, entertaining news from all aspects of a sophisticated lifestyle.
Cars have also a found a major spot in our magazine – regardless of whether a classic car or the luxury sports car of the future. In short: the carefully researched and compiled selection of topics regarding travel, gastronomy, mobile life, golf, wellness and lifestyle provides high quality and hot information, exclusive trends, combined with details on the latest events.

Our mission – only the best and definitely never boring!
The magazine occupies a niche with its individual premium layout and high journalistic standards. With the mission to provide carefully researched topics, presented in a userfriendly and highly aesthetic way, the magazine is in a class of its own.

„Magazin Exclusiv“ is published two times a year and has been on the market since 2003.


Our claim – only the best and please not boring!

Our readership is a clearly defined target group: exclusive and with money to spend.

The magazine’s subscribers include readers with a taste for luxury in every age group. Distribution is aimed at highincome target groups that enjoy active leisure activities.


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